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There are numerous practical needs a church planter faces in the formation of a church. Church planters need a toolbox that can be easily accessed for whatever the need might be, whether it a form, application, process, system, document, spreadsheet, contact referral, computer program, etc. The PLNTD Toolbox is a growing compilation and database for church planters to access information and resources regarding the most practical, day-to-day needs in starting a church.

Do you need contacts for website development, media equipment, or logo branding? We’d like to assist you with that.  Do you need productivity and administrative tools for budgeting, task management, or organizational development? We think we could help with that. Are you looking for basic templates, spreadsheets, forms, or documents related to ministry development, member care, or constituting your church? Again, our desire is to give you what we’ve got.  We hope the PLNTD Toolbox will be a treasure to the seemingly mundane day-to-day responsibilities and help lighten the load and shepherd your people well.

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