The Greenhouse Effect

Within PLNTD we believe that church planting should be accomplished in the local church, by the local church, and for the local church. It is the most natural context for planters to be trained, coached, assessed, and sent out on mission. PLNTD is committed to helping churches establish a church-based residency program for prospective church planters and ministry apprentices that we are calling “The Greenhouse Effect.”

Greenhouses are created to accelerate the growth of plants by creating a healthy environment in which they can flourish. In the same sense, church-based residency programs hope to have the same effect with prospective church planters in the acceleration of their growth and preparation through teaching and training by field-tested practitioners committed to making disciples and planting gospel-centered churches.

These church planting greenhouses are central to our network ecosystem.  Through church-planting residencies, church planters are provided theological education–whether formally (through seminary extension) or informally (through Porterbrook Network)–as well as practical training in all matters of church leadership from experienced practitioners.  The two-year program is formatted to give an aspiring church planter a robust and comprehensive season of preparation to expose weaknesses, build upon strengths, and encourage a balanced approach for long-term effectiveness in planting their lives, the gospel, and eventually a vibrant church.

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