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One of the most unique resources available for church planters today is the PLNTD Readers. In January 2011, the first PLNTD reader and reading group was made available, called the Tim Keller Reader. This resource had over 20 articles by Tim Keller on all things related to the gospel and church planting (now called the Gospel Reader). During the Spring semester of 2011, over 150 took part in working through the Gospel Reader, including dozens in bi-weekly online video conferences.

Coming in January 2012, PLNTD’s second reader and reading group will be available, called the Missional Reader with articles from Ed Stetzer and resources from a host of practitioners developing missional communities. The first part will explore the theological and biblical foundations for mission, and the second part will help you live out the mission in your own context.  You will not want to miss this opportunity to explore what it means to be missional and how practically it works individually and corporately.

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