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The Porterbrook Network has produced some of the most significant missional training for this generation of church planters. Tim Chester and Steve Timmis have created a curriculum far more accessible than your ordinary theological education alternative, and coupled with that accessibility is it’s affordability. No one interested in growing in their understanding of the gospel, cultivating missional communities, and learning to lead as a church planter, shepherd, and preacher has an excuse by saying, “I haven’t been to seminary.” Seminary-quality education has come to you.

For those in PLNTD, Porterbrook training is coming to you first through our online relational communities on Cobblestone. Starting in early 2011, we will begin our first semester of training by accepting 25 applications and creating a private training center online. Each participant will be included in an online cohort that will be facilitated by a leader in the PLNTD network. A semester schedule and outline will be made available in the near future. Those interested should begin by filling out this online application.

In the future, our plans are to make Porterbrook available in two other venues: regional network hubs and church-based residency centers. The regional network hubs will be places where those affiliated with PLNTD can participate in Porterbrook with fellow ministry leaders and church planters in a specific geographic region while fostering fraternal relationships in the process. The church-based residency centers will provide the 2-year curriculum of Porterbrook in conjunction with apprenticeship programs for resident church planters. All together, Porterbrook training will be accessible on the following levels:

1. National Level via PLNTD Relational Communities (Cobblestone)
2. Regional Level via Netwrok Hubs
3. Local Level via Residency Centers

Those interested in getting in the first 25 participants in early 2011 need to apply online. The deadline for applying for the Spring 2011 semester is January 14, 2011. You will not want to miss this opportunity to benefit from the excellent material provided by the Porterbrook Network with the opportunity to learn together with like-minded brothers within our church planting community!

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