Deepen Your Roots

Are you looking to plant a new church? Revitalize ore re-plant an existing church? Regardless of the work, it is imperative that you as a leader resource yourself and continue to grow in your calling. As a good steward of God’s call upon your life, you will be better equipped and prepared for whatever work He has prepared for you. At PLNTD we want to help with that through our Roots Reading Initiative.

The Roots Reading Initiative focuses on providing church planters targeted self-feeding opportunities through an informal structure and accountability. The goal of this initiative is for church planters to “deepen their roots” in their understanding of God, the church, gospel, mission, and the world. In doing so, we believe the RRI will be an effective way of keeping church planters “grounded” and growing as leaders, missionaries, and churchmen.

The first installment of RRI (November/December 2011) is themed “the mission of the church”.  Each week, we provide small group discussion guides and open discussion threads in our online community where you can interact with others as you engage the content. For more information about RRI, contact Matt Capps via email at

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