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PLNTD . . . in the church

We believe the most natural place from which church planting should originate is the local church. Simply put, churches reproduce churches. If the work of church planting is outsourced to parachurch organizations, denominational entities or conventions, then we are asking them to do for the church what they were neither authorized nor equipped to accomplish. The seed for church planting should find fertile soil in every gospel-centered church. Believing this to be true, PLNTD wants to bring the responsibility of church planting back to its most natural context.

PLNTD . . . by the church

Jesus Christ has given to every local church the call to plant churches. Inherent to the Great Commission is the call to advance the kingdom of God through church planting. Therefore, the responsibility lies at the feet of covenant communities of God’s people scattered throughout to be good stewards of the gospel in making disciple-making disciples who are gathered together as church planting churches. Through cooperation, churches can assist, encourage, and support one another in remaining fervent and faithful in this glorious task.

PLNTD . . . for the church

BecauseChrist has promised to build His church, we are committed to the expansion of His kingdom through church planting. Churches exist for Jesus Christ, and He is glorified when they are multiplied. We belong to Jesus Christ, and the Great Commission belongs to us; therefore, we are united to Him in pursuing the mission of God through church multiplication. Together, these realities fuel a passion for church planting and give a kingdom perspective knowing that we are stewards of the very purposes Christ has promised to fulfill to the praise of His glory.

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