PLNTD is a decentralized network focused on establishing and multiplying confessional church-planting churches. We seek to do this through providing rich resources, intentional relationships and accessible church-based residencies, including assessment, training and coaching. It is our firm conviction that to fulfill the Great Commission inherently means that we must embrace the call to plant churches, and no one else is given that stewardship more than the local church.



We believe church planting should be done in, by, and for the local church. PLNTD as a network exists to provide an effective delivery system for church planters who are called by God, qualified by Scripture, and trained in the local church to benefit from an ecosystem in which they can flourish. New churches and existing churches alike can experience the revitalizing and renewing power of the Gospel and share in the mission God has entrusted to His church by making, maturing, and multiplying disciples of Jesus. We are committed to discovering and developing the most critical and essential tools to equip and train a generation passionately committed to the centrality of the gospel. Everything from our initial assessment process to the successful launch is geared to provide God-called men the knowledge, skills, and tools to navigate the challenging steps and seasons of planting a church.